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Call us. Our Intake Coordinator will answer all your questions and walk you through the initial steps you’ll need to take. The Coordinator is a single point of contact you can rely on again and again and will explain the kinds of care we provide, the multitude of services we offer and arrange for a medical assessment for your loved one.

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The first time an aide comes to a patient’s home she will be joined by one of our highly trained registered nurses. The Nurse will make the introductions and go over every facet of the Patient Care Plan with the aide. A nurse may accompany the aide on several early visits to make sure the client and caregiver are completely at ease. Once home care is underway, the patient will receive phone calls from our Care Coordinators and visits from one of our nurses. We also have a nurse or care coordinator on call 24/7 to keep a watchful eye and provide immediate response, should an emergency situation arise.

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  • What is a Patient Care Plan?
  • Matching the Aide


For those considering home care, a medical assessment is essential. It determines the medical condition of a client, what services would be required for them to stay in their home and whether their home is a safe environment for care. Helping Hands assessments are performed by a registered nurse who will meet with the patient, check medical profiles, perform an examination and consult with his/her physicians. Assessments last about two hours. If the patient's needs fall within the scope of what we can provide and they wish to proceed, we will request physician orders and begin to set up a care plan.


If the assessment shows the client is a home care candidate, our Director of Patient Services will contact the person's physician to request written doctor's orders, a requirement in NYS. These orders detail all necessary medical concerns and, along with the assessment notes, form the basis of the Patient Care Plan. The Patient Care Plan is a clear listing of the duties to be performed by the aide for the patient. Every Patient Care Plan is tailored to the needs of the individual and must be followed, to the letter, by the aide. If the doctor's orders are revised, new medications are issued or a change in condition is observed, the Care Plan will be modified by our nurses.


At Helping Hands, finding the right fit between patient and aide is second only in importance to providing the finest care. The process is gradual and if, at any point, the client or family feels a change should be made, our Care Coordinators will do so in a way that is respectful to all parties. More often, however, we find that any initial differences in personality or background gradually coalesce into a protective bond of friendship and respect. The key ingredients of good home care are medical excellence and personal kindness. Our aides excel at providing both.

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