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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Helping Hands unique?

Helping Hands is not a chain or a franchise, we’re a small family caring for you and your family. We don’t handle big contracts or focus on volume business. Instead we provide the very best care, tailored to individual cases.

What do your clients appreciate most?

We think it’s the personal connection they’re able to make with us. When clients call, they don’t want an impersonal voicemail system telling that their call is important. They want a live person who treats them with importance. That’s what they get with Helping Hands. Our clients know us all by name; that’s a source of pride.

How long have you been in business?

Helping Hands Home Care has been serving clients since 1948.

Are you accredited and what does that mean to me?

Yes, we are a nationally accredited home care agency which means we must meet standards above and beyond what New York State requires. We are reviewed every few years and must maintain an expected level of excellence in order to be re-accredited. Many hospital discharge planners or physicians will not release patients into home care unless the agency is accredited. For our clients, it’s added peace of mind.

What if I don’t know the kind of care I need?

You’re not alone. In fact, most people aren’t entirely sure. Which is why, when you call, we’ll schedule a patient assessment. It’s our job to determine the level of care suitable to your needs. Once that’s done, we’ll advise you as to next steps and, if home care is your choice, guide you through the process step by step.

How do you ensure that I get the care I need?

All required care is carefully written into the client’s Patient Care Plan (PCP). This Plan is created by a Nurse Supervisor in consultation with the patient’s physician and must be followed by the aide. Once care has commenced, patients receive routine check-in evaluations by our nurses. If the nurse or aide observes any problem, the nurse will re-evaluate the situation, consult with the physician and adjust the PCP accordingly.

Do I need a referral from a doctor?

You do not need a doctor’s referral to begin care. However, a doctor must sign off on the Patient Care Plan and any changes made to it over the course of care.

How quickly can home care be started?

While often client dependent, we can often perform the initial medical assessment and commence services within a 48-hour period

Are the caregivers bonded and insured?

Yes, every caregiver is an employee of Helping Hands Home Care and each employee is bonded and covered by the company’s general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Will the same caregiver come each day?

Yes. We believe continuity is essential to good care so our goal is to establish a perfect client/caregiver match and keep it in place. In the event a caregiver goes away on vacation or needs to be out due to an illness, we will find a suitable short-term substitute.

What if I don’t like my aide?

We work very hard to establish a perfect personality match between aide and client. But if a change needs to be made, we will make it swiftly and without hesitation, in a way that’s respectful to all parties involved.

What if my caregiver can’t make it work?

Our care coordinators will field the call and immediately find a suitable substitute so there is no disruption in care.

If I change my mind, do I have to keep the service?

Not at all. You can stop services at any time. You also have the option of increasing or decreasing the level of service or changing the scheduled days and hours of service.

How do I pay for home care?

Every case is different. Some people have insurance that covers some or all of their care. Some clients pay out of pocket. Some are qualified Medicaid recipients. We have insurance specialists on hand who can advise you, help contact your insurer and review the variety of programs that may be available.

Can you give me a specific cost?

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of home care: the level of service required; the number of hours of care required and the amount your private insurer or Medicaid will cover. We will assist you in exploring all your payment options and create a simple, individualized payment plan just for you.

How does the cost of Helping Hands compare with assisted living or nursing home care?

The average Helping Hands service runs about 1/3 the cost of an Assisted Living Facility.

Do I pay the caregiver directly?

No. You will be invoiced each week for the services rendered during the previous week.

I’m a Medicaid recipient. How can I be sure my home care comes from Helping Hands?

There are no guarantees. But if you don’t specifically ask for Helping Hands, you could be randomly assigned to another agency. We strongly recommend asking for us by name.

Do you provide screening for admittance to nursing homes?

Yes we do. This is officially called a PRI (Patient Referral Instrument) and Screen. One of our nurses would come to your home, perform a thorough evaluation of the client, determine the level of care required and fill out the necessary paperwork. This service is available to anyone, not just our home care clients.

Do you offer other specialized care services?

Yes. We can provide hourly care and supervision for anyone in your family, to enable them to attend special family occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, reunions and the like. For example, we can go to mom’s house, help her get ready for an event and accompany her throughout during the day. We also have the skilled personnel to provide hourly care for babies, toddlers, and people with mental challenges or physical limitations. These services are available to anyone, not just our home care clients.

Do you check references?

Yes. One of the things we’re proudest of at Helping Hands is how long our aides stay with us. An essential component to this success is the stringent interview process. Each applicant is interviewed and his or her credentials and references are verified. Furthermore, each applicant must go through a series of hands on skill assessments to demonstrate their ability to perform his or her job. Additionally, criminal background checks are made on all personnel.


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